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How to troubleshoot Bravia Internet Video playback issues (freeze/re-buffering/block noise) in 3G Dongle connection?

Issue when playing Bravia Internet Video ( freeze/re-buffering/block noise) in 3G Dongle connection.

    Bravia Internet Videos are delivered via “streaming” and this may happen if your internet connection speed changes during playback. There are many factors which may negatively impact the speed of your network:

    1. If your 3G wireless signal is weak, it may affect your network bandwidth.
      If possible, please move the TV to area with  stronger signal.
    2. It may happen if the servers of contents provider are experiencing high traffic.
      Please try to access other web content, if that works fine then it may be contents provider having traffic, so please attempt to access them later.
      If it happens when accessing other web contents also, the issue may be from the ISP (Internet Service Provider), please access to the network again later or contact to your ISP.
    3. Your wireless network may get interference from other wireless devices. Please turn off other wireless devices or move them away from TV.
    4. Contents are posted with various resolution, so picture quality is depending to the quality of content itself.
      If the content has low resolution, then the picture quality may not good enough.