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One or more dots or pixels on the LCD/OLED screen appear as dark spots or as bright red, green or blue dots.

    What you may be seeing is one or more of the greater than 2,000,000 dots that make up the composition of the LCD or OLED screens. These dots (also known as pixels) may appear red, green, blue, white or black.

    High-precision technology is used to manufacture these LCD/OLED displays to maintain a high standard of operation. But with all LCD/OLED screens, regardless of manufacturer, there may be a small number of dots that do not change color. This is a normal occurrence for all LCD/OLED displays from all manufacturers and inherent to the technology. Most of the time, these dots stay on the screen but are noticeable only while an all-white or all-black picture is shown, and should not be noticeable during normal viewing conditions.


    • Some pixels can appear dead or defective if there is debris on the screen. Clean the screen thoroughly with a microfiber cloth to confirm whether or not the issue is actually a dead or defective pixel or due to just dirt or debris.
    • Because the occurrence of a defective pixel or pixels is normal on all LCD/OLED screens, if the LCD/OLED screen were to be replaced there is a high probability that the replacement would also exhibit the same characteristics, and potentially have an even greater number of defective pixels or have those pixels appear in a more noticeable position than on the one being replaced.
    • Sometime these dead or defective pixels will correct themselves over time.