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(Wireless) Connection diagnosis results are displayed as found (or OK), OK, Failed

    After performing a network diagnosis, the result may appear as:

    1. Physical Connection: OK
    2. Local Access: OK
    3. Internet Access: Failed

    Follow the troubleshooting steps below. Each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, so check the network connection status after completing each step.

    The TV may be connected to the local network but not to the Internet.

    1. Make sure the connection is active by accessing the Internet using a computer or a different device.
      NOTE: If other devices cannot be connected by wireless LAN, contact your Internet service provider
    2. Reset all your network devices, such as your router or cable modem , by turning them off and un-plugging them for 2 minutes
    3. Connect the power cord of the router and/or modem again
    4. Wait for 5 minutes to make sure your router and/or modem are finished initialising
    5. Check on a computer or other device that you can indeed access the Internet again
    6. Perform the connection diagnosis on your TV again and confirm whether you can connect to the Internet or not

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