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Software Update for Enhanced Security

    Dear Valued Sony Customer,

    We have released a software update to enhance the security of certain BRAVIA TV models to address potential security vulnerability with the "Photo Sharing Plus" application.  

    Security Updates
    This software update fixes the following security vulnerabilities on the “Photo Sharing Plus” application. These vulnerabilities can be exploited in the same local Network.
    ‧    Stack buffer overflow
    ‧    Directory Traversal
    ‧    Command Injection 

    If your BRAVIA TV is set to the default setting to automatically receive software updates when connected to the internet, it should have already been updated. 
    However if your BRAVIA TV was not set to receive software updates automatically, please download and install the software update from the Sony Support Website.

    To determine if your BRAVIA TV has been updated, please visit the latest software downloads page for your model and follow the instructions to check the software version of the TV. If your BRAVIA TV is not yet updated to the latest software, please follow the instructions on the Download page to install the update.

    Please click here for the list of models and the corresponding software downloads page.

    Fortinet kindly reported this security vulnerability. We would like to thank them for their support.