Article ID : 00198372 / Last Modified : 06/07/2018

Software update by USB storage device does not start.

    Check the following.

    1. Check the status of the illumination LED on the TV.
      • If the illumination LED is blinking white:
        Software update has started. Please wait until the update is complete.
      • If the illumination LED is not blinking white:
        Go to step 2.
    2. Remove all USB devices connected to the TV. When removing external HDDs or USB flash drives, check that their access LEDs have stopped blinking first.
    3. Unplug the TV’s power cord while the TV screen is on.
    4. Connect the USB storage device for software updates to the USB port on the TV.
    5. Plug in the TV’s power cord.
    6. The software update will start automatically.