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What type of analog extension cable do I need to connect to my Android TV?

    NOTE: Some TV models released in 2016, come with an analog extension cable. First, check if an analog extension cable is supplied with your TV.

    • The A/V connector must match the standards (wiring specifications) of the VIDEO IN (AV IN) connection on your BRAVIA™ TV.
    • Even if the cable looks the same as the picture, the standards may be different.
    • If you use a different type cable, the image or sound may not output correctly.
    • Select a cable with functions 1-4 arranged the same those shown on the diagram.

    Connection Diagram and Connector Detail Diagram

    1. Analog extension cable (supplied with some TV models released in 2016)
    2. Connector for the VIDEO IN or AV IN on the TV
    3. RCA cable (not supplied)
    4. Android TV™
    5. VCR/Video game/ DVD player/ Camcorder, etc.


    • Use an extension cable with connector parts arranged in the following order from tip to base.
      The following numbers correspond to the numbers in figure B.
      1. Audio Left (L)
      2. Video
      3. Ground
      4. Audio Right (R)
    • The plug is 3.5 mm in diameter.
    • For details, refer to Connecting the TV in the TV Reference Guide.