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Google TV Interactive TV Guide 2023

Applicable to X77L, X75L, X74L, X70L, X64L, W830L series

    Google TV Interactive TV Guide

    Get the most out of your TV through Sony's Interactive TV Guide

    Find out how to set up digital channels, configure Wi-Fi, enable Bluetooth and many more.

    Click thru the Interactive TV Guide and you may discover new functions which you didn’t know existed on your Sony TV!

    To find out the applicable TV model series, click here

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    How to use

    It's an easy 2 step process.

    1) Select your topic
    2) Walk through the guided steps or print it

    Start using now!

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    TV functions

    Checkout the topics for your TV to get you started:

    Getting started


    Picture Settings

    Sound Settings

    Network Settings

    Bluetooth / USB / Voice



    Applicable Series:

    • X77L
    • X75L
    • X74L
    • X70L
    • X64L
    • W830L