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How to connect your gaming console to your TV using HDMI.

    Making a Connection

    Connect HDMI IN on the TV and HDMI OUT on the Gaming console with an HDMI cable. After connecting, connect the power cord (mains lead) of the Gaming console to an electrical source and turn it on.

    Image of connecting the terminal of the TV (C) and the terminal of the Gaming Console (A) with an HDMI cable (B)

    1. Gaming console: HDMI OUT
    2. HDMI cable
    3. TV: HDMI IN

    TV Set-up

    1. After making a connection, turn on your TV.
    2. Press the (Input) button repeatedly to select the input to the connected Gaming console.
    3. Turn on your Gaming console by pressing the power button.

    To enjoy 4K 100p/120p video

    Some TV models support the 4K Enhanced Format (18Gbps or above) such as 4K 100p/120p.

    If you input the 4K 100p/120p signal from the console to the TV, use the HDMI cable included with the game console, or an Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable. For details on the supported TV models and HDMI terminals, refer to the article What types of 8K or 4K (50p/60p or 100p/120p) video signals are supported by the TV?

    After connection, set the HDMI signal format. For details, refer to the article How do I view 4K and HDR content from an external HDMI device connected to a Google TV™ or Android TV™?