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What type of analog extension cable do I need to connect to my Android TV™ or Google TV™?


    • Some TV models released in 2016 come with an analog extension cable. First, check if an analog extension cable is supplied with your TV.
    • The A/V connector must match the standards (wiring specifications) of the VIDEO IN (AV IN) connection on your BRAVIA TV.
    • Even if the cable looks the same as the picture, the standards may be different.
    • If you use a different type cable, the image or sound may not output correctly. 

    Use an extension cable with connector parts arranged in the following order from tip to base.

    Connector Detail Diagram

    • A: 3.5 mm jack size
    • B: Audio Left (L) signal
    • C: Video signal
    • D: Ground
    • E: Audio Right (R) signal

    Here is an example of a proper connection between the TV and source device using an analog extension cable:

    Connection Diagram

    • A: VCR, Video game, DVD player, Camcorder, etc.
    • B: Analog Extension cable (supplied with some TV models released in 2016)
    • C: RCA Cable (not supplied)


    • Whether the Analog Extension cable is supplied depends on your model, region or country.
    • Connect the Analog Extension cable to the terminal for the VIDEO IN or AV IN on the TV.
    • You can find further information on manuals.