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Information regarding the Amazon Instant Video service in 4K Ultra HD.

    The Amazon Instant Video service now offers 4K Ultra HD video streaming for Sony Android 4K TVs. Visit the Amazon Web site for more information and requirements.

    The following are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Amazon Ultra HD service.

    Questions Answers
    What devices get the Amazon 4K service? 4K Ultra HD streaming content is now available on Sony 4K Android TVs.
    How can I see what 4K or Ultra HD content is available on the Amazon service? From the app Home page of the Amazon app, there is a category titled Ultra HD Movies and TV. This category will display on Sony Android TVs that are 4K-capable. Ultar HD folder location
    What kind of 4K movies or videos are there? There will be select Amazon original content available for Amazon Prime customers.
    What kind of Internet speed will I need to receive the 4K content? Amazon recommends a high-speed Internet connection of at least 15 Mbps to watch videos in Ultra HD.
    How will I know if the content I am watching is in 4K Ultra HD format? While the content is playing, bring up the status bar by pressing any of the following buttons on the supplied remote control: up arrow, play, pause, FFWD or RWD. The content format will be on the lower left. If the content is in Ultra HD format, then there will be an indication of UltraHD.
    When I check the format of the content, it does not say UltraHD. Instead it say HD 1080p, HD or SD. The Amazon Ultra HD service is monitoring the network speed to your device. If the Amazon service determines that your network speed is not sufficient for Ultra HD streaming, it will drop the resolution to prevent video buffering.
    Why does it take a while for the content to switch up to Ultra HD format? Generally, the content will start off at a lower resolution and slowly switch up to Ultra HD resolution depending on your network speed. This process can take a few minutes. If it is determined that your network speed is not capable of streaming Ultra HD resolution, then a lower format will be selected.
    Can I use the search feature to find Ultra HD content on the Amazon service? Not at this time. The best way to find the Ultra HD content is by accessing the Ultra HD Movies and TV category from the Amazon service Home page.