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No sound output from the sound bar when connected to the TV HDMI ARC port with Control for HDMI function turned off

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    When the Control for HDMI function is turned off, sound may not be output from the Sound Bar depending on your TV model. If this is the case, follow these steps to turn on the Control for HDMI function:






    HT-S20R / 40R

    Note: If you want to output audio with Control for HDMI turned off, connect the TV and Sound Bar with both an HDMI cable and an optical digital cable.
    Connecting Diagram

    • 1. HDMI cable
    • 2. Optical digital cable
    • 3. HDMI IN jack on the TV
    • 4. Optical Digital Out jack on the TV
    • 5. HDMI OUT jack on the Sound Bar
    • 6. TV IN (OPTICAL) jack on the Sound Bar

    For details, refer to Connecting with a TV section in the Startup Guide of your Sound Bar.