Article ID : 00163183 / Last Modified : 19/03/2021

The battery life of my remote control is short or the batteries drain too quickly.

    Battery life shortens depending on how frequently the remote control is used. The battery life may also shorten if you frequently perform the following operations.

    • Operation on the HOME screen and/or Apps
    • Using Touchpad
    • Using a microphone (voice recognition)
    • Set-top box operations
    • Backlight feature (RMF-TX611 and RMF-TX621 remote control only) 
      NOTE: You can disable the Backlight feature by simultaneously pressing the Volume (-) and HOME buttons of the remote control for 2 seconds. The Microphone LED will blink twice when you do this.


    • The buttons or feature referenced above may not be available, depending on your remote control.

    • Depending on the TV models, Sony provides manganese batteries for you to use right after you install your TV. If you want longer battery life, the use of alkaline batteries is recommended. Alkaline batteries last longer than manganese batteries. (Rechargeable batteries cannot be used.)

    • When the batteries are running low, buttons or cursors may not respond properly. If this happens, replace the batteries.

    About the remaining battery level

    Depending on release year and software version, some models can check the remaining battery level of the remote control on the TV screen. However, the Battery indication is a guide, not an accurate value. For details, refer to the following:

    How to check the remaining battery level

    About the Battery indication