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What types of 8K or 4K (50p/60p or 100p/120p) video signals are supported by the TV?

    Depending on the TV that you use, the supported types of video signals will be different. See below.

    IMPORTANT: The only 8K affected products are the Z9K, XRM-Z9K, Z9J, XRM-Z9J, Z8H and Z9G series.

     For A95L and XRM-A95L series

     For 2023 Google TV™ models (except for A95L and XRM-A95L series)

     For Z9K and XRM-Z9K series

     For 2022 Google TV models (except for Z9K and XRM-Z9K series)

     For Z9J and XRM-Z9J series

     For 2021 Google TV models (except for Z9J and XRM-Z9J series)

     For Z8H and Z9G series

     For 2020 Android TV models (except for Z8H series), A9G, X85G (55/65/75/85), X95G, A9F and Z9F series

     For an Android TV other than the above

     For 2014 BRAVIA