Article ID : 00157734 / Last Modified : 04/12/2020

How to watch 4K movies on YouTube with an Android TV™

    To play 4K movies on YouTube with a 4K compatible Android TV, follow the steps below.

    1. Connect the TV to the Internet

      IMPORTANT: A wired connection is recommended. Since 4K videos use high-capacity data, if the Internet connection is not fast enough, the videos may not play smoothly (It's recommended to have at least a 40 Mbps broadband line). If you have an available LAN cable, try to establish a wired connection between the wireless LAN router and the TV. 


      • Wired connection
      • Wireless connection
      • If you switch from an already established wireless connection to a wired connection, the wired connection between the wireless LAN router and the TV may not be enabled right away.
        In this case, press and hold down the power button of the TV to restart it.
      • Follow the steps below to check whether the TV is connected to the Internet through a wired LAN.
        1. Press the HELP button on the remote control.
          NOTE: You can also display the Help screen by pressing the HOME button on the remote control.
          HOME ->  Apps -> Help (For Android™ 7.0 or earlier: HOME ->  Help)
        2. Select View network status in the Troubleshooting and system information category, and check that Wired is displayed for Connection method.
        3. Select Check Connection to see the network connection status.
    2. Search for 4K movies on YouTube
      1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
      2. Select YouTube in the Apps category.
        NOTE: Videos can only be played in 4K resolution when playing from the YouTube app. If you play the videos from the Internet browser, they will not play in 4K.
      3. Search for keywords such as 4K video from the search field of YouTube.

        Example of how to search for movies uploaded in 4K resolution

        NOTE: The following are the instructions on how to search from those movies that were published on Sony’s official YouTube channel as of August 2016. Movies in the channel are updated on a daily basis, therefore the search results won't necessarily be the same.
        • Search with keywords
          If you type α7 and 4K (or alpha7 and 4K), those beautiful 4K videos shot with Sony Interchangeable-lens Digital Cameras α7RII will be found.
        • Search among movies that were published on Sony’s official channel
          You may select Sony from the menu on the left side, and search for 4K movies from the thumbnails on the right side.
        • You can also use the voice search function by selecting the MIC icon.
    3. Check if the movie playing on YouTube is 4K, or change the image quality
      1. During playback, press the Enter button on the remote control.
      2. Press the left arrow button to select  (More), and then press the Enter button.
        Check the Quality icon on the screen.
        • If a blue 4K icon is displayed, you're watching content in 4K resolution.
          When the blue 4K icon is not displayed, you're watching content in other resolutions.
        • To change the image quality, select Quality, and then select 2160p, 4K.
        NOTE: The steps or menu items of YouTube are subject to change without notice. 

    NOTE: Depending on the speed of the network or circumstances of use, videos may pause or start buffering during YouTube video playback at 4K resolution. You may also be unable to select 2160p, 4K due to the network environment.
    In these cases, set the Quality of YouTube to Auto or low resolution (To set it, refer to section 3 in this article).