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How to find information in the TV manuals

    NOTE: Information in this article is as of April 2020. The names, structure, and design of manuals are subject to change without notice.

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    Before you start

    Follow these steps to access your TV's product support page to get specifications and other model-specific information:

    1. Make sure you know your model name

    If you are unsure, refer to the How to find the model name, serial number, and system software version for a BRAVIA TV article.

    2. Search for the model name on the support site

    Type in your TV’s model name into the search bar on the Sony Support site. The full name should automatically appear in the auto-suggest menu, once you start typing. Click on the model to go directly to the product page, or click the search button to find the best possible matches, and choose a TV model.

    3. Go to your TV’s model page

    Once you’re on the TV’s product page, you can see the Manual about your TV model.

    Which manual should I refer to?

    • Help Guide (Web manual) -  How to use the TV or Troubleshooting information.
    • Setup Guide -  TV installation and setup.
    • Reference Guide - Parts descriptions and specifications.

    How can I search the information on the manual?

    In the Help Guide you can select a topic you would like to view or use the search box. Input a keyword related to what you are looking for and then select the article from the search result page.

    Online Help Guide search box in the top right

    Search results page in the online TV Help Guide

    How can I print the manual?

    The Help Guide has a Print button on each page.

    Online Help Guide print icon location
    When you click the print button a printing window will open. Select your desired print options, then click the Print button. 
    NOTE: If you want to print the complete Help Guide, go to the top page of the Help Guide and click the Help Guide (Print Version) link which is located below the Help Guide topics.

    Wall mounting

    For general wall mount installation information, refer to the Reference Guide or Operating Instructions on your product page. You can also refer to the Wall-Mount Bracket manual for detailed installation instructions if you are using Sony’s compatible wall-mount bracket.

    To check compatible wall mount brackets and screw hole distance measurement, refer to Wall mounting - compatible Wall-Mount Brackets and screw hole distance measurements for BRAVIA TV  article 

    Other solutions than manuals

    Sony provides the latest support information on our support website.
    To find model specific information go to you model page, set the search filter to All, and input a keyword(s) related to what you are looking for and click the Search button.
    The search results will present all related content including Questions & Answers and Downloads are shown.

    Support site filter for all content