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How can I find support information about the remote control bundled with my TV?

    You can find information about your TV’s bundled remote control by going to model-specific TV information on the support site.

    Step 1: Finding your TV Remote’s model name

    The model name – a series of letters and numbers – can be found on the remote control itself. Here are a few examples of some remote models:

    • RM-GD020
    • RMF-TX800P

    The model name is either on the front of the remote control or inside the battery compartment (or cover). If you cannot open the battery compartment or cover, refer to the article How to open the battery compartment of TV remote control.

    Example of where is the model name located on the remote.

    Step 2: Searching for the model name on the support site

    Go to the Sony Suppot Website, type in your remote model name into the search bar and press enter. The remote model should automatically appear together with the TV model. Then select your TV model.

    If your remote is a standalone product or optional accessories, the model page of the remote will be shown in the search results. Procceed to the remote control page for support information.

    Step3: Go to your TV’s model page

    Once you’re on the TV’s product support page, you can see the basic information about the remote in the Reference Guide / Operating Instructions or Help Guide. It shows you the buttons and the functions available.

    Help Guide Reference Guide / Operating Instructions

    Also, by typing in keywords such as “remote” or “remote control” in the search box, you can find related articles.

    • If you encounter issue with your remote control such as buttons not working or voice search not working, refer to TV troubleshooting guide.
    • The remote control shape, availability and function of buttons may vary depending on your region, country, or TV model.