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The capacity of the Micro Vault is not displayed correctly.

The used space of the Micro Vault appears low. / When trying to format a 64 GB Micro Vault by Personal Computer (PC) , the only capacity that is displayed for formatting is "32 GB". "64 GB" is not an option.

    When performing some operation on a USB memory device using the Personal Computer(PC) , the device may unintentionally be divided into multiple partitions, or large amounts of unallocated space may develop. 

    In such a situation, it will not be possible to restore the unit to factory settings even by using the Micro Vault dedicated formatter.
    In order to restore the unit to a single partition, delete the multiple partitions using the Windows standard tool DiskPart, and then format the unit. 

    For instructions on how to use DiskPart, see the procedures below:

    There is a risk of data loss. 
    Choosing the wrong drive while using DiskPart will cause all information on that drive to disappear. 

    1.  Connect the USB memory device that you want to format to the PC, and then start DiskPart by entering diskpart into the Start menu search box or the Run window. 
    2.  Type list disk into the command line of DiskPart, and then press the Enter key to display the drive (disk) list. 

    3.  Type select disk, followed by the drive (disk) number, and then press the Enter key. 
      WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. If you enter the wrong disk number, the contents of that disk will disappear. Confirm the capacity before proceeding with the work.
    4.  Type the command clean and press the Enter key to delete the configuration information. 
    5.  Type the command create partition primary to create a primary partition. 
    6.  Download the correct formatting software for your USB device from the following web page and format your USB device. 

      Software downloads>List of formatting software downloads by product: