Article ID : S500023764 / Last Modified : 29/06/2018

How to resolve if network connection cannot be set up through WPS PIN method?

Network connection cannot be set up through WPS PIN method.

    Please check the following:

    • You encounter timeout, please try again with the same procedure.
    • Make sure the PIN code is correct.
    • If the security system of the access point is WEP, it does not connect by WPS. Try the access point scan method.
    • Make sure the access point is near the D-Sappli supported speaker.
    • Since the D-Sappli supported speaker uses 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection which is used by Bluetooth, microwave oven and digital cordless telephone, it may not connect due to interference. Separate from the unit which interferes or turn it off.



    For further details refer to the operation manual of the access point.