Article ID : 00257665 / Last Modified : 19/02/2021

There is no sound output when playing DTS-HD Master Audio format from the connected HDMI device (HT-ST5000)

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article before starting these steps.

    On the HDMI device connected to the Sound Bar, try either of the following settings:

    • Change the audio channel of the disc or content to an audio output other than DTS such as LPCM or Dolby.
    • Set the audio output setting of the HDMI device to LPCM.
      NOTE: For how to change the settings, refer to the manual of the HDMI device.

    What is Neural:X?
    Neural:X is the latest upmixing technology from DTS that expands the stereo 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel to multi channels. It can be played on the multi channel speaker including height speakers.