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Verify that the infrared signal is transmitted from the remote control

    Remote control signals are transmitted using infrared rays and are not visible to the human eye.
    The signals can be verified by viewing them through mobile phone cameras or digital cameras.
    View the remote control signal transmitter through cameras of devices such as smartphones and press the remote control button.
    If the signal is being transmitted, the signal transmitter shines when the remote control button is pressed.

    If infrared signals cannot be verified:

    Depending on the model of smartphones such as iPhones, infrared signals may not be visible through the rear camera. They may be visible through the front camera.
    There are cameras that may not be capable of viewing infrared signals. (Infrared signals are not visible through cameras with infrared filters). Verify whether or not infrared signals are displayed with your camera by using normally functioning remote controllers for TVs and recorders.



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