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Benefits and Improvements

  • Improves secure communication

IMPORTANT: This firmware update must be performed to keep using the Chromecast built-in music distribution service. If you do not manually install the update, it will be automatically installed when there is an active network connection and the speaker is not in use.

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File Info

File Name

  • Firmware update 6.34 for SRS-ZR7

File Version

  • 6.34

File Size

  • 162 MB (169 939 136 bytes)

Release Date

  • 26-04-2022


Check the firmware version

This update utility is not necessary if your personal audio system has already been updated to firmware version 6.34. If you're not sure, it's easy to check which version of firmware you have. There are two ways to do so:

  • How to confirm using Sony | Music Center (SongPal) application.
    1. Connect the unit to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone, using Sony | Music Center (SongPal) application.
    2. Start the Sony | Music Center (SongPal) application on your smartphone.
    3. On the Speaker & Group screen, select your speaker.
    4. Select Settings.
    5. On the Settings screen, select Other Settings.
    6. On the Other Settings screen, confirm the Speaker firmware version.
  • How to check using a personal computer.
    1. Connect the unit to the computer with a LAN cable (not supplied).

      Note: Connect the speaker to a computer directly with the LAN cable.
    2. Connect the AC power cord (supplied) to the AC adaptor (supplied). Press the (ON/Standby) button, to turn the power on.

      Note: Wait until the LINK indicator stops flashing and stays lit in pink.
    3. Display Sony Network Device Setting on your computer.
      1. Launch a browser
      2. Enter the following URL in the address bar:
    4. Select the language from Language Setup, if it is displayed.
    5. On the Device Details screen, the Firmware Version (X.XX.X.XX) will be displayed.

      Note: The Firmware Version, Model Name, Device Name, Connection Type, Internet Access, SSID, and Security Method are all displayed on this screen.

    There are 2 easy ways to update the firmware:

    MethodWhat you needWhy use this method?
    Internet / network
    • an Ethernet cable or a wireless router to connect your Speaker to the internet
    • Make sure your Speaker is connected to an active internet connection
    We recommend this method as it's the easiest and quickest way to update your firmware.
    USB storage device
    • a computer
    • a USB storage device
    Update your firmware this way if you can't connect over the internet.

    Download & Install

    Internet / network

    The software Update is available via the internet (network). Please check the following steps.

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure your unit is connected to a power outlet via the USB AC adaptor before starting the update.

    Note: You cannot update to the latest software if the set is NOT connected to the internet (network).

    1. Connect to a power supply outlet. Use the USB AC adapter and supplied micro USB cable to connect the unit's DC IN 5V port to a power outlet.
      Note: The software update cannot be performed when using battery power only.
    2. Connect to the internet (network)
      • Connecting using Sony | Music Center (SongPal) application on your mobile device
      • Connecting via Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
      • Connecting using a computer
        Note: For additional details refer to the product instruction manual.
    3. If the speaker is turned on, press the (ON/Standby) button, and turn it off.
    4. Plug the AC power cord connected to the AC adaptor into an AC outlet securely.
      Note: The software update cannot be performed when the unit is only relying on the battery for power.
    5. Press the (ON/Standby) button to turn the power on.
    6. Wait until the LINK indicator stops flashing and stays lit in orange.
      Note: Whenever a software update becomes available, the UPDATE/WPS button will light up.
    7. Tap and hold the UPDATE/WPS button until you hear beeps. When the software update starts, the UPDATE/WPS button will start flashing.
      Note: The speaker is not operational while updating, and the blinking (interval and condition) of the UPDATE/WPS button will change during the update progress.
    8. The UPDATE/WPS button turns off and the speaker switches to standby mode or BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode automatically after the update is completed.
    9. Check the version by following the steps described under Check the firmware version to confirm the update has been performed successfully.

    Questions & Answers

    All the function LEDs are lit up?

    The software update failed. Press the (ON/Standby) button to turn off the speaker, then turn it on again. Make sure the speaker is connected to the internet and the UPDATE/WPS button is lit, then start updating again.

    The UPDATE light remains lit in orange.

    The software update failed. You can do the firmware update for your personal audio system via a USB flash drive.

    The ON/Standby button indicator flashes in red and the UPDATE/WPS button flashes in orange.

    The software update failed. You can do the firmware update for your personal audio system via a USB flash drive.


    Supported Operating systems:

    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1 - please use it in desktop mode.
    • Mac OS X (10.6) or later

    Recording Media:

    USB flash: Operation is not guaranteed for all USB flash drives with a capacity of more than 256MB.


    • The number of flashes of the UPDATE indicator will change according to the update’s progress. The UPDATE indicator flashes four times at first, and decreases by one flash then turns off when the updating is completed.
    • Keep the speaker connected to the power supply while updating.
    • Do not remove the AC power cord until completing the update.
    • Do not power off the power during the update.
    • Updating normally takes 3 to 10 minutes.

    1. Close all other windows and programs you are running apart from this page.
    2. Read the terms and conditions on this page and accept them by checking the tick box.
    3. Download the firmware update. The file SRS16002.UPG, 162 MB (169 939 136 bytes) will begin downloading.
    4. Save the file to the desktop of your computer.
      Note: If you are using Windows 10 or 8.1 the update file may be saved automatically in the Downloads folder. Click the Desktop tile from the Start screen and find the download file in the Downloads folder by using Explorer.
    5. Copy the update files to the USB flash drive:
      1. Insert the initialized (formatted) USB flash drive into a USB slot on your computer.
      2. Copy the UPDATE folder to the USB flash drive.

    Update the audio system via USB:

    1. Connect the speaker to an AC outlet and turn it on by pressing the on/stand button
    2. After the POWER indicator lights green, insert the USB flash drive into the USB slot of the speaker.
    3. Press and hold the UPDATE/WPS button, and immediately tap and hold the FUNCTION button. Then keep both buttons pressing for 4 seconds until beeps are heard. When the speaker connects to the network, the UPDATE indicator might be lit in orange. Even in this case, please operate it.
    4. The USB update starts, and the UPDATE indicator flashes in orange. Do not operate the speaker during this procedure.
    5. The UPDATE indicator (and Power indicator) will blink several times during the update.
    6. When the update is complete, The UPDATE indicator will turn off and the speaker will enter standby mode or BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode automatically.
      Note: When you turn on the speaker for the first time after an update, the UPDATE indicator flashes in orange three times.
    7. Check the Firmware version.