Article ID : 00246639 / Last Modified : 05/06/2020

Is the issue resolved after turning on the Noise Canceling function?

    Using the touch sensor or button on the headset, turn on the Noise Canceling function.
    NOTE: The procedure or button name varies depending on the model. Here are some examples:

    Example for WF-1000XM3
    While wearing the headset, tap the L side touch sensor until you hear the voice guidance "Noise canceling".
    In the default setting, you can switch the Noise Canceling function and Ambient Sound by tapping the L side touch sensor.
    Image tapping the touch sensor of WF-1000XM3

    Example for WH-H910N
    Press the C (custom) button repeatedly to turn on the Noise Canceling function.

    Image indicating the C (custom) button of WH-H910N

    If you cannot switch the Noise Canceling function:

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