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Notice to customers using the wireless headset SBH56, Xperia Ear XEA10, Xperia Ear Duo XEA20 and Xperia Touch G1109

    Dear Valued Sony Customer, 

    We would like to inform the following service terminations:

    Affected ModelsNew downloads of some applications via Google Play Store will be terminated from November 2022Some functions on the product will be terminated
    Xperia Ear XEA10OO
    Xperia Ear Duo XEA20OO
    Xperia Touch G1109OO

    Please read on for more details.

    • New downloads of these applications via Google Play Store will cease in or around November 2022
    Affected ModelsApplication Name
    SBH56Bluetooth Headset SBH56
    Xperia Ear XEA10Xperia Ear
    Xperia Ear Duo XEA20Xperia Ear Duo
    Xperia Touch G1109Xperia Touch
    Xperia Touch G1109Xperia Hello! System software

    These applications will be available for download from the Sony Support webpage of each of the affected models. Please check back the Sony Support webpage regularly. 

    • These functions used on the Xperia Ear XEA10 and Xperia Ear Duo XEA20 will be terminated as follows:
    • You can continue to use these products as wireless headphones.
    Affected ModelsFunction Name
    Xperia Ear XEA10“Assistant Function" and "Anytime Talk”
    Xperia Ear Duo XEA20“Assistant Function" and "Anytime Talk”

    “Assistant Function”
    - Various voice assistant functions (call, search route, set timer, etc.) that enable hands-free and intuitive operation by voice to make calls, send messages, play music, etc. on connected smartphones.
    - Head gesture function
    - (Xperia Ear Duo XEA20 only) Daily assist function that delivers information according to the user's situation 

    “Anytime Talk”
    - A function that allows up to 5 members to talk like a walkie-talkie when wearing the Xperia Ear or Xperia Ear Duo

    [Date of termination]
    “Assistant Function”: March 31, 2023
    “Anytime Talk”: December 20, 2022

    • This function used on Xperia Touch G1109 will be terminated as follows:
    Affected ModelsFunction Name
    Xperia Touch G1109“Assistant Function"

    “Assistant Function”
    - Voice control (check date and time, search route, set timer, etc.)
    * You can continue to use the assistant function of Google even after the function is terminated.
    As a projector, you can continue to use the smart screen function, etc. as before.

    [Date of termination]
    “Assistant Function”: March 31, 2023

    Note: Due to termination of the above functions, they will no longer be usable even if there is a description about this function in promotional materials such as catalogs, product packaging boxes, instruction manuals, etc.