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How do I check the IMEI number?

Where can I find the IMEI number?

    Valid for

    • Android 6.0 or higher


    Every device has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. The IMEI number is used for identifying valid devices in each network. A stolen device can be blocked by a network provider from accessing the network. For devices with two SIM cards, there are two IMEI numbers, one for each SIM card slot.

    Finding the IMEI number of a powered-on device

    If your device is running, you can find the IMEI number of your device in a few different ways.

    To view the IMEI number using the Support app

    1. Find and tap   Support.
    2. Make sure you're on the  Home tab.
    3. Scroll down to IMEI.

    To view the IMEI number using the Phone app

    1. Find and tap  Phone.
    2. Open the dialpad and enter *#06#.

    To view the IMEI number under Settings

    • Find and tap Settings.
      • Android 10 / 11 / 12: About phone → IMEI.
      • Android 9: System → About phone → IMEI.
      • Android 8.x: System→ About phone → Status → IMEI information.
      • Android 6.x or 7.x: About phone → Status → IMEI information.

    Finding the IMEI number of an unresponsive device

    If your device cannot be powered on, or the display is not working, you can find the IMEI number by dragging out the label strip.

    To view the IMEI number(s) on the label strip

    1. Drag out the nano SIM card tray.
    2. Drag the strip outwards using your fingernail. The strip displays the IMEI number(s).

    To find the IMEI number by removing the back cover

    • Depending on the model, and if you cannot enter the phone's menu for any reason (the phone cannot power on, drained battery etc.) you can remove the back cover and battery to see the sticker with the IMEI number, or you can remove the bottom cap. If the battery is built-in, just remove the back cover.

    Finding the IMEI number of a lost or stolen device

    If your device is lost or stolen, you can use Google's Find My Device service to find the IMEI number.

    To view the IMEI number using Find My Device

    1. Open
    2. If prompted, sign in using the same Google account that you have set up on your device.
    3. Click the top left tab to select the device for which you want to use the service.
    4. Click the Device Information icon (i).

    Note! To use Find My Device, your device must be turned on, be signed in to a Google account, be connected to Internet or Wi-Fi, be visible on Google Play, have Find My Device turned on and have Location turned on.