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Bluetooth connection failed when using the Music Center (SongPal) app

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    Sony audio devices that can connect to Music Center / SongPal

    If a Bluetooth connection cannot be established between the paired audio device in the mobile device and the Music Center application, check the following.

    1. Check that the audio device is ON.
    2. Check that the Bluetooth communication of audio device and mobile device is ON.
    3. From the Bluetooth setting of the mobile device, check that the audio device is selected or check the Bluetooth setting of the mobile device.

    If the Bluetooth connection of the Music Center application is not resolved after checking the above settings, delete the audio device setting from the application, and then pair and register the connection again.

    How to delete the audio device setting from the application

    1. Open SongPal_app_icon Music Center application icon on your mobile device.
    2.  On the Speaker & Group screen, tap the Option menu (3 dots on top bar).

    3. Tap Remove Speakers.
    4.  From the Remove Speakers screen, select the audio device that cannot be connected
    5. Check the audio device is selected, then tap REMOVE.
    6. When "Remove speakers?" is displayed, tap the OK button to delete the registered information of the audio device

    How to reconnect the audio device

    Reconnect the audio device after deleting the audio device information from the application. For details about how to reconnect the audio device, check the following Q&A.
    How to add speakers and other audio devices in the Music Center (SongPal) app?