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Recording stopped automatically.

    Recording stops automatically in the following cases.
    1. When the remaining battery is low, recording stops automatically and the power turns off.
    2. When the memory becomes full, recording stops automatically.
    3. When the temperature inside the camera rises, the following error is displayed on the LCD screen and the camera automatically stops shooting. Furthermore, if high temperature remains, the camera turns off automatically.

      For HDRAZ Series:
      10-01 and Rising temperature icon is displayed on the Live-View Remote screen.

      For other models:
      HEAT or Image appears on the display panel.

      NOTE: When the temperature inside the camera rises during successive continuous recording, the protection circuit actuates and the power turns off automatically.
      If the camera overheats and the power turns off, leave the camera turned off until it cools down. This process may take a few minutes or several tens of minutes depending on the ambient temperature.

      Note the following to prolong the recoding time.

      • Turn the power off whenever you are not using the camera.
      • Avoid direct sunlight.

    4. When the camera reaches the maximum continuous recording time, recording stops automatically.

      NOTE: The maximum continuous recording time for movies is approx. 13 hours.

      For other models

      • SSLOW: approx. 3 hours
      • SLOW: approx. 6.5 hours

      The video that can be recorded will vary depending on the model. Refer to the instruction manual for more information.

    5. If the camera is subject to excessive vibration or shock when the terminal of the memory card or battery pack is dirty, an error may occur, and  recording may stop. Eject the memory card and battery pack. If there is dirt on the terminal, wipe it off and reinsert them properly.

    NOTE: If you do not operate the camera for a certain period of time, the camera turns off automatically to prevent the battery pack from being depleted. In this case, turn on the camera again.
    If you have selected OFF in the auto power off setting, the power is not turned off automatically.