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How should cameras and lenses be stored?

    When dust gets inside the lens of an interchangeable lens camera or fungus grows on the lens due to high humidity levels, it is not easy to remove. The following is an explanation of how to optimally store your interchangeable lens camera to prevent issues like fungal growth and dust contamination.

    Pre-storage cleaning

    Before storing cameras and lenses, it is recommended that you remove dust with a brush or blower and use a soft cloth to wipe off any dirt, fingerprints, or grease.
    For details on how to clean lenses, see the following guide.
    How to clean dust, dirt, spots, marks, or fingerprints from the front of the camera lens.

    Storage container

    Storing cameras in a specially sealed dry box protects them from dust and humidity. Before you purchase such a container, it is recommended that you line up the cameras and lenses that you want to store to determine how large of a size you will need.

    • Dry boxes
      A dry box is an airtight, watertight cabinet for storing cameras. Using a dry box lets you maintain a stable level of humidity at all times. There are many different types, including some that come with a backup plug, some that are lockable, and some that electronically control humidity.
      image of dry boxes
    • Simple dry boxes
      A simple dry box is an easy storage method that consists of an airtight plastic container inside which a desiccant is placed. Simple dry boxes are available in a variety of overall sizes, heights, widths, and depths. Choose one that is sized appropriately for the cameras or lenses that you want to store.
      image of simple dry boxes

    Notes on storage

    Observe the following when storing cameras and lenses.

    • Camera body / lens
      If you have a body cap and a lens rear cap, detach the lens before storage. If not, store the camera body with the lens attached.
      • Body cap
        image of body cap
      • Lens rear cap
        image of  lens rear cap 
    • Battery pack
      Remove the battery from the camera body before storage.
    • Desiccant (when using a simple dry box)
      When using a simple dry box, place a desiccant inside.
    • Hygrometer
      If using a dry box that does not come with a hygrometer, place a hygrometer inside so that you can control the humidity. An optimal humidity level is one between about 40% and 50%.