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Regarding Windows sidebar in Windows Vista

Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

    In Windows Vista, on one side of the desktop, Windows Sidebar can display simple mini software. Once users select the small icons on the sidebar, they can easily access to the small software.

    Please refer to the steps below for more information on Windows Sidebar and Gadgets.

    Windows Sidebar

    Windows Sidebar is a pane on the side of the Windows Vista desktop where users can customize to keep the gadgets organized and always available.
    Users can customize Windows sidebar.
    Windows Sidebar is always displayed on top or resting below maximized windows.


    Gadgets are mini applications of the Window Sidebar.
    They can connect to web services, and also work as calculators or calendar.
    Some gadgets, which provide easy access to frequently used tools, are attached to Windows Vista
    Users can get more gadgets through downloading online.
    In addition, gadgets can be removed from Windows Sidebar, and placed on the desktop.