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What is JEITA measuring standard for Windows 8 operating system?


    1. Connect your VAIO computer to an AC power source.
    2. Recover your VAIO computer.
    3. Turn on your VAIO computer.
    4. Show the Start screen and select the Desktop tile or press <windows> key + D.
    5. Delete all icons except the garbage box on the desktop.
    6. Turn the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock indicator light off on your keyboard. If you are using the wireless keyboard, the turning off operation is unnecessary.


    1. Open File Explorer and select the Local Disk (C:) and righ-click on Properties.
    2. Select the [Tool] tab.
    3. Select the Optimization.
    4. Select the Changing setting.
    5. Uncheck Notify me if three consecutive scheduled runs are missed.
    6. Uncheck Run on a schedule (recommended).
    7. Select OK.
    8. Close all windows on the desktop.

    VAIO CONTROL CENTER SETTINGS (Please skip the step when the item does not exist) 

    1. Start VAIO Control Center and set them as follows.
    2. Go to Power and Battery -> Power Plan -> Select Power saver.
    3. Go to Power and Battery -> Cooling and Performance -> Select Silence.
      Note: Please select Silence in both STAMINA and SPEED if your VAIO computer has the performance selector switch.
    4. Go to Power and Battery-> Power Saving -> Set the display refresh rate when running on battery -> Select 40Hz.
    5. Go to Mouse and Keyboard -> Keyboard Backlight -> Set the keyboard backlight action when running on battery -> Select Do not turn on.
    6. Go to Image Quality -> Display Brightness -> Set whether to sense the brightness and automatically adjust the display brightness accordingly -> Select Off.
    7. Go to Image Quality -> Display Color Mode -> Select Off.
    8. Go to Image Quality -> Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 -> Select Off.
    9. Go to Sound Quality -> Sound Effects -> Set the sound effect to use -> Select None. Please skip if you cannot select None.
    10. Go to Hardware -> Rapid Wake -> Select Off.
    11. Go to Other -> Send Usage Data ->Select Off.
    12. Close all windows on the desktop.

    CONTROL PANEL SETTINGS (Please skip the step when the item does not exist) 

    1. Go to Control Panel.
    2. Select Large icon or Small icon by View.
    3. Select User accounts -> Change User Account Control settings.
      1. Move the slide bar to Never notify.
      2. Click OK.
      3. Click Control Panel Home.
    4. Select Action Center -> Change Action Center Settings.
      1. Uncheck All enable item.
      2. Go to Customer Experience Improvement Program settings.
      3. Check No, I don't want to participate in the progr