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How to use the Windows Backup and Restore feature to protect your data?

Using the Windows Backup and Restore feature to protect your data.  

    A system image backup is a copy of the information on your hard drive that can be used to restore your computer in the case of hardware or software failure.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Sony does not guarantee that all or any data can be backed up or restored from the backup.

    Follow the procedure below to create a system image backup:

    1. Close all programs that are running.
    2. If you want to save the backup to an external hard drive, connect the external hard drive to your computer. If you want to save the backup to a DVD, insert a blank DVD in the DVD drive.
    NOTE: You can also use an internal hard drive other than the drive on which the Windows 7 operating system is installed, although it is not recommended.
    3. Click the Start button and then click Control Panel.
    4. In the Control Panel window, under System and Security, click Back up your computer.
    5. In the Backup and Restore window, in the left pane, click Create a system image.
    6. In the Where do you want to save the backup? window, click to select On hard disk or On one or more DVDs and make sure the external hard drive or DVD burning drive is showing in the drop-down menu. 

    7. Click the Next button.
    NOTE: If your computer has multiple partitions, a Which drives do you want to include in the backup? window may be displayed that allows you to add additional partitions to the system image backup. Click to check the box next to the partitions you would like to add and then click the Next button.

    8. In the Confirm your backup settings window, verify the backup location and selected drives are correct and then click the Start backup button.  

    9. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish creating the copy.