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How to connect VAIO to Sony devices using Remote Keyboard application?

Connect VAIO to Sony devices using Remote Keyboard application.


    Remote Keyboard is an application used to enable VAIO computers to connect to Sony devices such as BRAVIA, PlayStation® 3, Blu-ray Disc™ Player and other compatible Sony Devices. VAIO acts as a keyboard for all Sony Devices to input text information quickly and conveniently and send it to the device respectively.

    Here are the steps in using the Remote Keyboard application:

    1. Click Start button.
    2. Point to Remote Keyboard Imagein the Start Menu or type 'remote keyboard' in the Search box to locate the application.
    3. Click Register New Device button.
    4. Select the type of device you want to connect with VAIO.
      • For PlayStation® 3, a Bluetooth connection is needed.
      • For BRAVIA and Blu-ray DiscTM player, connection is created via Home Network.
    5. If you want to connect your VAIO with a PlayStation® 3, ensure that a Bluetooth connection is established. If you want to connect your VAIO with BRAVIA, ensure that a connection is established via Home Network.
    6. Once done, perform the device registration of your PlayStation® 3, BRAVIA or Blu-ray Disc™ Player. Follow the Next Steps as instructed by Remote Keyboard.
      Registration of the device is only done once. No registration is needed for succeeding connections for the same device.
    7. You will then be able to use the VAIO keyboard for key input for PlayStation® 3, BRAVIA or Blu-ray DiscTM Player.
      Here's a sample screenshot for a successful connection with Blu-ray DiscTM Player.