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Battery FAQ List

    Basic Battery Information of Microsoft

    1. Battery meter: frequently asked questions

    Battery Reference Links:

    1. Basic Information of VAIO Battery.  
    2. The battery charge has decreased after I resume my computer back from hibernation mode or shutdown.  
    3. Why does the VAIO computer consume battery even when the power is completely switched off?  
    4. What to do if the battery run time becomes shorter after charging?  
    5. What to do if the battery cannot be fully charged and the Run-time becomes shorter?  
    6. How to configure the power saving settings of VAIO computers with no Power Panel pre-installed?  

    VAIO JEITA Chart

    Please click on the links below to check the JEITA measuring standard:

    2013 Fall Series

    2013 Summer Series

    2013 Spring Series

    2012 Fall Series

    2012 Summer Series

    2012 Spring Series

    2011 Summer and Fall Series

    2011 Spring Series

    2010 Fall Series

    2010 Summer Series

    2010 Spring Series

    2009 Fall Series

    2009 Summer Series

    2009 Spring Series

    2008 Fall Series

    2008 Summer Series

    2008 Spring Series

    2007 Fall and Winter Series

    2007 Summer Series

    2007 Spring Series

    2006 Fall and Winter Series

    2006 Summer Series

    2006 Spring Series

    2005 Fall and Winter Series

    2005 Summer Series

    2005 Spring Series