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About this download

Benefits and Improvements

  • Adds the following enhancements to the C3 Portal cloud service interface:
    • Support for simple connection using a dedicated mobile application
    • Support for managing 3D LUT and All files
    • An automatic upload function for original files
    • An automatic upload function for a proxy file while recording in chunks
  • Adds support for original file trim transfer instructions in the Content Browser Mobile app
  • Adds support for digital outputs from the ECM-B1M and ECM-B10 microphones
  • Adds support for supplying power to USB Power Delivery compatible smartphones during USB tethering
  • Improves operability and operational stability

Note: Refer to the Help Guide for additional details on all updated functions.

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File Info

File Name

  • Update_ILMEFX6V300.exe

File Version

  • 3.00

File Size

  • 546 MB (573 032 760 bytes)

Release Date

  • 28-07-2022


Check the system software version

Follow the instructions below to check the system software version. If the system software version is V2.00 or earlier, the update is required.

Note: If the Date/Time setting screen appears when you turn on your camera, be sure to set the date and time to the correct values.

  1. Select MenuMaintenanceVersion.
  2. The system software version is displayed.
    Image indicating the current system software version

System Requirements

Operating Systems

The latest version of the system software update is compatible with the following versions of Microsoft Windows:

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1

Computer Hardware

This system software update requires the following hardware:

  • Intel-based PCs or AMD-based PCs (ARM-based PCs are not supported)
  • Hard drive space: 600 MB or more
  • RAM: 600 MB or more

Other Hardware

  • Power source for the camera
    • AC adaptor
  • USB cable supplied with the camera
    Note: Update functionality is not guaranteed with any other USB cable.

Download & Install

Important Notice

  • Please close all other application software before updating the system software.
  • Always connect a supplied AC adaptor when upgrading. If a battery pack is attached at the same time, the upgrade will continue if the AC adaptor is subsequently disconnected.
  • Remove the memory card from the camera before starting the update process.
  • The system software update will take approximately 15 minutes. Please do not allow your computer to go into Sleep mode during this time.
    Note: If the computer does go into Sleep mode and the update is interrupted, the entire update process will need to be restarted.
  • Do not open About This System Software Updater in the System Software Updater menu as this may cause the software to crash.
  • Do not connect the camera to other devices except your computer.
  • Do not connect the camera and computer yet.
  • Ensure that your computer is connected to the Internet.

How to download the Updater:

  1. Click the Download button above.
  2. After reading the disclaimer, click Download.
  3. The Update_ILMEFX6V300.exe file will start downloading.
    Note: File Size: 546 MB (573 032 760 bytes)
  4. Save the file to the desktop of your computer (recommended).
    Note: With the standard settings of Microsoft Edge, the update file will be saved in your Downloads folder. Click the Desktop tile from the Start screen and find the downloaded file in the Downloads folder by using Explorer.

Step 1: Start the Updater

  1. Close all programs currently running on your computer.
  2. Double-click the Update_ILMEFX6V300.exe file that you downloaded. Do not connect the camera to the computer yet.
  3. The DeviceLogUploadTool starts.
  4. Turn on the camera and connect it to the computer with the supplied USB cable, and select Execute. When you do, USB Mode appears on the LCD screen of the camera.
  5. Click Next.
    Note: If the computer cannot find the device, the message Could not find the camera for this update is displayed on the computer screen. Please try the following:
    • Disconnect the USB cable and connect it again.
    • If the computer has multiple USB terminals, try with the other terminals.
    IMPORTANT: Never turn off the camera or disconnect the USB cable while updating.
  6. The Privacy Policy is displayed. Read it carefully, check the box, and then click Next.

    If the data from the camera is collected, the following screen is displayed. Click Next.
    Note: This screen does not appear if you select Disagree.

    Image indicating that the data on camera usage has been collected
  7. The System Software Updater starts.
  8. Click Next. The current version number and updated version number appear on the lower left side of the screen.
    • The update is required
      Image indicating the current system software version on the System Software Updater
    • The update is not required
      Image indicating the latest software version on the System Software Updater
  9. The camera will reset automatically.
  10. Start the update. After automatically resetting, the update will begin and a progress bar will appear. The update will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
    IMPORTANT: Never turn off the camera or disconnect the USB cable while updating.

  11. When the update is completed, the camera will automatically restart. When the LCD screen appears again, click Finish and disconnect the USB cable.
    Note: After restarting, a data recovery warning is sometimes displayed. This is normal. Please wait until this warning disappears.

Step 2: Confirm the system software version of your device

  1. On the camera, select MenuMaintenanceVersion.
  2. The system software version is displayed.
    Image indicating the updated software version

Questions & Answers

The update does not complete

If the monitor remains black for more than 15 minutes, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.
  2. Remove the battery and AC adaptor from the camera, leave it for a few minutes, then insert the battery again or connect the AC adaptor.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Turn on the camera and perform the installation process again.