Before installing the update, please note and check the following:

  • Precautions when updating from Ver. 1.01 or earlier
    • After updating to Ver. 2.00 or later, the camera settings will be reset to the default values.
      Note: Since this update adds functions and makes major specification changes, the camera settings will be initialized as part of the update process. It is recommended that you make note of all the camera settings before proceeding. Even if you have saved the settings using the various save features available (such as Save/Load Settings and Save/Load FTP Settings) the settings before Ver. 1.01 cannot be read by the camera after the upgrade to Ver. 2.00 or later.
    • With the addition of the log shooting mode, the picture profiles were reviewed and the gamma setting S-Log2 is no longer included. After the update, you will need to use the gamma setting S-Log3.
    • You will be able to connect to the Mobile app more easily. After pairing the app with the camera, you can transfer images and shoot remotely just by operating the app. Refer to Pairing the camera with a smartphone (Smartphone Regist.) in the Help Guide for detail. Along with this, the NFC one-touch connection function used up to Ver. 1.01 of the camera will no longer be available.
  • For customers who have been using the Imaging Edge Mobile app:
    • Updated cameras will no longer be able to connect to the Imaging Edge Mobile app. After updating the camera, install the Creators' App.
    • Please make sure the Imaging Edge Mobile app is the latest version (Ver.7.7.2 or later) in order to pair the camera with the Creators' App. If the Imaging Edge Mobile app is not the latest version, update it before trying to pair the camera with the Creators' App.
    • If you are using an iPhone/iPad, after updating the camera, turn off the iPhone/iPad and turn it on again (restart). Then pair the camera with the Creators' App. For instructions on installing and connecting the Creators' App, please refer to the Migrating from Imaging Edge Mobile app to Creators' App article.

After confirming the above points, proceed with the update from the button below.