Article ID : 00179890 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

The picture skips or freezes during playback.

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot picture freeze or skipping.

    IMPORTANT: This issue can occur if the DVD player is set to PROGRESSIVE even though the TV cannot accept a progressive signal. In this case, the progressive setting on the DVD player should be turned off. However, not all DVD players have a progressive setting. Consult the instruction manual of your DVD player to verify whether or not your DVD player has a progressive setting.

    1. Remove the disc from the DVD player.
    2. Examine the DVD for fingerprints, smudges, or scratches.
    3. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the disc.
    4. Reinsert the disc into the DVD player and begin playback.
    5. If the issue still occurs, check the Sony Support Web site to see if a firmware update is available to resolve the issue.
    6. Attempt to play different discs on the DVD player.


      • If the issue only occurs with the one disc, then the disc may be faulty.
      • If the issue occurs with all discs, then service may be required.