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How to resolve when the disc (BD/DVD/CD) cannot be played?

The player does not play the disc (BD/DVD/CD).

    The disc does not play 

    • The disc is dirty or skewed.
      Please wipe the reading surface of the disc (opposite the printed surface) with a soft cloth, such as a cleaning cloth or a lens cloth, and try again.
    • The disc is upside down. Insert the disc with the playback side facing down.
    • The disc has a format that cannot be played back by this player
    • The player cannot play a recorded disc that is not correctly finalised.
    • The region code on the BD or DVD does not match the player.
    • Some of the Blu-Ray Discs might have certain scripts that may not be able to playback on some players. For example Blu-ray movie disc like "Fright Night" and "The Help" will not able to playback on some Blu-ray players. This is not malfunction.