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How to pair and connect Walkman with Bluetooth device.

    Check the items below before you start pairing

    • Be sure to place the Bluetooth devices within 1 meter (3 ft.) of each other.
    • Make sure that both devices have sufficient charge or power.
    • Stop playback on a Walkman to avoid sudden loud sounds from the output Bluetooth device.
    • Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Certain models might require certain specific steps. You can check this in the supplied instructions.

    To pair and connect with a Bluetooth device, follow these steps below:

    IMPORTANT: This procedure may vary depend on the model. For details, refer to the manual of the product.

    1. Turn ON the Bluetooth device
    2. Set the Bluetooth device to the pairing mode: Most devices have a Bluetooth button or symbol that you can press to make it discoverable.
    3. Set the Walkman to the Device registration mode (pairing mode).
      In the case of an Android Walkman: Set the Bluetooth function to ON. If the Bluetooth function is already set to ON, set it to OFF once and then set it back to ON again.
    4. When the name of the Bluetooth device appears on the screen of the Walkman, select the name.
      If a passkey is required on the display of the Bluetooth device, enter 0000.
      A passkey may be called Passcode, PIN code, PIN number or Password.
    5. When the Bluetooth connection is established, a message like Connection is completed will be displayed on the screen of the Walkman.

    Additional Pairing information

    Once Bluetooth devices are paired, there is no need to pair them again, except in the following cases:

    • Pairing information has been deleted after repair, etc.
    • The Walkman is already paired with the upper limit of devices that can be paired and you want to pair another device.
    • When the pairing information of the Walkman has been deleted from the Bluetooth connected device.
    • If you execute the operation of Reset all settings or Restore to factory configuration, all pairing information of a Walkman is deleted.