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The camera will not take a picture (no shutter release).

    Follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

    IMPORTANT: If an error message or icon is displayed in relation to this issue, refer to the instruction manual of the camera for model-specific information.

    1. Make sure the lens is properly attached.
    2. Make sure Drive Mode is not set to Self-Timer.
    3. The shutter cannot be released while the built-in flash is being charged.
    4. When using the Cont. Shooting mode, wait until the image data is written to the memory card before shooting the next picture.
    5. The shutter may not be released if the subject is not in focus while the camera is in the auto focus mode. Press the shutter button halfway down to focus, and then shoot the image.

    If the shutter cannot be released due to a reason other than those above, there may be a malfunction of the shutter button or control circuit, etc. Turn off the camera, remove the battery pack, reinsert the battery pack after approximately one minute, and then turn the camera back on.