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This information is for the following models:
  • MAP-S1

About this download

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This page provides instructions on how to update the firmware for Multi Audio Player System “MAP-S1”

Applicable firmware
Version: NW 2.09 or lower
If the version is displayed as NW 2.11, you do not need to update the firmware.

Benefits and improvements

  • Support Spotify music distribution service.

Includes improvement from previous firmware version

  • Modify the issue which cannot play DSDIFF contents with ID3 in this meta data.
  • Modify the issue in which the unit cannot play the file using DLNA when the tag information in this file has a string “res”.
  • Improve performance stability at the time of selecting a music track or tuning in a radio station.

Check the firmware version

  1. After you POWER ON the set, press and hold the [ENTER] and [BACK] keys of the unit until "NW 2.11" is displayed on the display
  2. To quit the firmware version check mode, rotate the |<< / >>| dial to the right 3 times until the normal display is shown

Firmware Update Instructions
Software Update is done via internet (network). Please check the following steps.
Note: You cannot update to the latest software, if the set is NOT connected to the internet (network). When a new software version is detected, this system is updated when it is connected to the internet, and "UPDATE" appears in the display window. In this case, follow the procedures below to update to the latest version

  1. Press MENU
  2. Press ↑/↓ to select "NETWORK," then press "Enter"
  3. Press ↑/↓ to select "UPDATE," then press "Enter"
  4. Press ↑/↓ to select "OK," then press "Enter"

The Updating begins.
After completing the update, "COMPLETE" is displayed. Press to turn off the unit, and then press it again to turn on. Check the firmware version of the Personal Audio System. When "MC1.13" is displayed, the update of the firmware was succesfull.

  • Usually it may take about 10 minutes for the system to finish the update. More time may be needed, depending on the network environment
  • Do not operate the unit or the remote during updating. Moreover, do not turn off the system or disconnect the power cord during updating

File Info

Release Date

  • 2017-08-31

System Requirements

  • System OS