Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • VRD-MC3

About this download

This download application will upgrade the System Software to Version:

Improvements when updating from

  • Supports new models (2008/Spring) of Sony camcorders.
    (allows to record by One Touch Recording with the new HDD camcorders)
  • Some fixes on functionality.

Improvements when updating from the versions older than

  • Supports new models (2008/Spring) of Sony camcorders.
    (allows to record by One Touch Recording with the new HDD camcorders)
  • Some fixes on functionality.
  • Supports PAL color format.
  • Supports multi language on menu display.
  • Compatibility improvement with Sony's HDD camcorders

Available Download:

File name: vrdmc3.svf
File size: 3.54 MB (3,717,072 bytes)
Updated on: 2008/03/10

File Info

File Name

  • System Software Upgrade to Version:

File Version


File Size

  • 3.54MB

Release Date

  • 2008-03-05

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP



System Software Update Instructions

The instruction describes how to update the system software for the DVDirect VRD-MC3.

Note: For updating the system software on the "VRD-MC3", user need to create a system software updater CD using the computer. Please prepare one blank CD-R disc for creating the update CD in advance.

  1. Download the system software update file (vrdmc3.svf ). Please note where you have downloaded the folder.

  2. Create the system software update disc by copying file vrdmc3.svf to a CD disc. Below is how you can copy file vrdmc3.svf to a CD by using Windows XP. However, if you have any other CD burning software, it can be used as well. The important thing is to copy file vrdmc3.svf onto a CD disc.

How to Create the System Software Update CD using Windows XP

Record the system software update file downloaded in the previous step onto the root directory of a blank CD-R. For example, on a computer running Windows XP, you can create the system software update CD as follows, using the standard CD creation function in Windows XP (supports CD-R and CD-RW discs):

  1. Insert a blank disc into the computer's CD drive.

  2. Open My Computer, browse for the system software update file that you downloaded, and click Copy this file in the File and Folder Tasks pane.

  3. In the "Copy Items" dialog box that appears, click the CD drive where you inserted the blank disc, and then click Copy.

  4. Click the balloon message that appears in the notification area.

  5. Click Write these files to CD in the CD Writing Tasks pane.

  6. Follow the instructions of the CD creation wizard, and finish writing to the CD.

Steps to Update VRD-MC3

  1. Turn on VRD-MC3.

  2. Insert the system software updater CD into VRD-MC3.

  3. VRD-MC3 will load the disc and will appear the following message, "Unusable disc inserted. Insert a compatible disc." Please disregard this message and select Return from the control buttons.

  4. From the main Menu select --> Setup --> System --> OK

  5. You will see the following screen. To update, select OK

  6. VRD-MC3 will ask for your update confirmation again. To continue, select OK.

  7. The updating process will take approximately 10 minutes. During this time, it is imperative that the system is not powered off. After the update, VRD-MC3 will turn itself off automatically.

  8. To confirm the update, power on VRD-MC3 and repeat step 6 to confirm. The new System Updated Version should be


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