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Can I use my Walkman while charging it?

    Depending on the charging procedure. Check as follow:

    • If you use an AC adapter (sold separately) to charge

      You can use your Walkman while charging it.
      connect via AC adapter


      • If you use (play music etc.) your Walkman while charging it, the temperature of your Walkman may be higher than when you just charge it.

      • While charging, the electric power is shared from the battery to play the Walkman. The AC adapter will continue to charge the battery. Therefore, playing music while charging does not cause the battery to further deteriorate.
    • If you connect the player to a PC via supplied USB cable to charge

      You cannot use your Walkman while charging it.
      Connect vis supplied USB cable

    • NOTE: When connecting to a PC, [Connected USB] will be displayed, and you will not be able to use your Walkman.