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Walkman MP3 Players Windows 8/8.1 Compatibility Information

    Regarding the operating environment:

    • OS must be factory installed on your PC.
    • Operation cannot be guaranteed if an upgrade to Windows 8 from another OS has been performed.
    • Operation is not guaranteed for all PC models.
    • Support for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro is planned for these products.
    • Operation verified in Desktop mode only.


    1. O : Compatible
    2. - : Not Compatible
    Walkman MP3 Players
    Model Compatibility Status
    NWZ-A844 O
    NWZ-A845 O
    NWZ-A846 O
    NWZ-A864 O
    NWZ-A865 O
    NWZ-A866 O
    NWZ-B152F O
    NWZ-B153F O
    NWZ-B162F O
    NWZ-B162FEK O
    NWZ-B163F O
    NWZ-B172F O
    NWZ-B173F O
    NWZ-E053 O
    NWZ-E353 O
    NWZ-E363 O
    NWZ-E373 O
    NWZ-E443 O
    NWZ-E443K O
    NWZ-E444 O
    NWZ-E444K O
    NWZ-E445 O
    NWZ-E453 O
    NWZ-E454 O
    NWZ-E455 O
    NWZ-E463 O
    NWZ-E463K O
    NWZ-E464 O
    NWZ-E465 O
    NWZ-E473 O
    NWZ-E473K O
    NWZ-E474 O
    NWZ-E475 O
    NWZ-E574 O
    NWZ-F804 O
    NWZ-F805 O
    NWZ-F806 O
    NWZ-S543 O
    NWZ-S544 O
    NWZ-S545 O
    NWZ-S744 O
    NWZ-S745 O
    NWZ-S754 O
    NWZ-S755 O
    NWZ-S764 O
    NWZ-S764BT O
    NWZ-S765 O
    NWZ-S774BT O
    NWZ-S775BT O
    NWZ-W252 O
    NWZ-W262 O
    NWZ-Z1040 O
    NWZ-Z1050 O
    NWZ-Z1060 O
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    Application Software Version  Compatibility Status
    Content Transfer 1.3 O
    Media Go 2.6 O
    Music Unlimited Transfer 1.2 O
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