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How to connect TV and computer via Wi-Fi Direct (WPA KEY)?

How to connect TV and computer via Wi-Fi Direct (WPA KEY).

    TV can be connected directly with a Wi-Fi Direct/Wi-Fi compatible device (e.g. smartphone, PC) that also supports the DLNA push controller function. Content such as photos/music/videos on the device can be played on TV. No wireless router (or access point) is required to use this feature.


    • TV and laptop may require the latest system software (firmware) update to activate the Wi-Fi Direct feature.
    • The Wi-Fi Direct feature is not available on all Sony products.
      To see if your product supports the Wi-Fi Direct feature, check the specifications.
    • Some functions may not be available, depending on the products you are using.
    • Some functions may not be available on some regions/countries.

    To connect TV and computer through Wi-Fi Direct (WPA KEY):
    1. Launch the Wi-Fi Direct Mode on TV.
      Press Home (MENU) on your remote control → ApplicationsWi-Fi Direct Mode


    2. On the computer, select Control Panel on Start menu.

    3. Select Network and Internet (Select Category on View by setting if not displayed)

    4. Select Connect to a network.

    5. Select DIRECT-xx-BRAVIA or the SSID which displayed on TV.


      To check the SSID and WPA key information on the TV:
      Press OPTIONS on your remote control and select ManualOther Methods


      Information for connection (SSID and WPA key) is displayed.
    6. Select Connect.

    7. Input WPA key which is displayed on TV to Security key window and select OK.
      This WPA key is case sensitive so please make sure to type the key exactly like shown on the TV including the lower or upper case.


    You can also connect TV and computer via Wi-Fi Direct (WPS PBC) if the device support WPS.