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What is the maximum storage capacity of microSD cards for my Walkman?

    Applicable Walkman series or models

    • NW-A20 series
    • NW-A3x series (e.g., NW-A35, NW-A36, etc.)
    • NW-A4x series
    • NW-A50 series
    • NW-A100 series
    • NW-A300 series
    • NWZ-A10 series
    • NW-ZX300
    • NW-ZX507
    • NW-ZX700 series
    • NW-WM1A, NW-WM1Z
    • NW-WM1AM2, NW-WM1ZM2

    The maximum capacity storage is as follows:

    • For microSD cards, the Walkman can support up to 128 GB.
    • For microSDXC cards, the Walkman can support up to 1 TB.

    All Sony microSD cards currently available on the market are confirmed to be compatible.
    Sony cannot guarantee full compatibility with cards from other brands.