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Error: Use InfoLithium battery only

    Follow the procedure below to troubleshoot the error.

    NOTE: This error may also appear as For InfoLITHIUM battery only or For use with compatible battery only.

    IMPORTANT: Sony cannot guarantee operation and does not support use with third-party batteries. Any issues with third-party batteries should be directed to the battery manufacturer.

    1. Check to see if the terminals of the battery or battery charger are dirty.
      • If the battery terminals are dirty, wipe off the dirt with a dry cloth, cotton swab, or the like. Then charge the battery.
      • Be careful not to touch the battery terminals with your hands or metal objects.
    2. If available, Use a different Sony InfoLithium battery.
    3. If applicable, try connecting the AC power adapter to the camera.

      NOTE: The power adapter should be plugged directly into an electrical wall outlet without using extension cords or surge protectors. If the issue occurs while the AC power adapter is connected, service may be required.