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The battery does not charge.

    If you are having problems charging the battery for your camera, try the following troubleshooting tips.

    Verify that you have the correct battery

    • To make sure the battery is compatible with your camera, refer to the operation manual.
    • You can also visit Accessories Compatibility Information and follow the steps below:
      1. To select your camera, click Body → Product Category or enter the model number in the search field at the bottom of the page.
      2. Select the model number under Product Name.
      3. Click Power → Battery/Power to display the compatible batteries for your camera.

    Check the Battery

    • Insert the battery into the camera properly.

    • If the CHARGE/Charge lamp flashes or doesn't light up, the terminal may be dirty or there's an issue with the battery.

      A. There are fingerprints on the terminals.
      B. There are foreign substances sticking to the terminals.
      C. Example of clean terminals.
    • Wipe off dirty terminals with a dry cloth, then charge the battery again.
    • For H, V, W, and M series batteries wipe off any foreign objects or dirt between the charging pins.

    Note: Don't touch the battery terminals or pins with your hands or any metal objects.

    Use the proper charging accessory

    • Use a compatible battery, AC adapter, USB cable, or battery charger. Third-party accessories aren't guaranteed to work properly.
    • If you don't use the camera for a long period of time, the CHARGE/Charge lamp may flash. Remove and reinsert the battery, then charge again.
    • Allow the battery to cool if the temperature is high after a long shoot or the ambient temperature is out of the range from 50°F to 86°F (10°C to 30°C). High temperatures may prevent proper charging.

    Check the proper charging methods

    Note: Depending on the model, the charging method or accessories differ. For details on the charging method, refer to your camera manual.