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How to import videos and pictures using a Wi-Fi connection to an Apple Macintosh computer.


    • To save image files on a Mac wirelessly, Wireless Auto Import has to be installed on it in advance.
    • For devices compatible with wireless importing and system requirements for Mac computers, please visit the following website

    Wireless Auto Import

    Intial Setup Process

    1. Make sure a memory card is inserted in the camera.
    2. Turn on the camera.
    3. On the camera, set the USB mode to MTP or PTP.
    4. Connect the camera to the USB port on the computer.
    5. On the computer, go to Finder and select Applications.
    6. Select Wireless Auto Import.
    7. Set the computer as the Device that import files from your camera wirelessly.

      NOTE: If the camera is going to be synchronized with another computer, the new computer will need to be set as the wireless import device.

    8. In the Wireless Auto Import window, select Set.
    9. In the This computer will be set as the wireless import device for your camera window, select OK.
    10. Remove the USB cable connected to the camera and computer.

    Wireless Transfer Process after Initial Setup

    1. On the camera, press the MENU button.
    2. Select Setup.
    3. Select Access Point Setting.
    4. Select the wireless access point for the computer.
    5. Select Playback.
    6. Press the MENU button.
    7. Select Send to Computer.
    8. Follow the instruction to save the images to the computer.