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The Power Save Start Time function does not work and the camera remains on even though the set time has elapsed.

    The power save mode feature of the camera will not work on these conditions:

    • The power save mode does not work when the remote control function is enabled. Confirm the steps below to disable it.

      Note: The following steps are an example of operation. For details, refer to the manual supplied with the camera.

      • MENU → (Setup) → Remote Ctrl or IR Remote Ctrl Off
      • MENU → (Network) → Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl Off
      • MENU → (Network) → Bluetooth → Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl Off
    • The camera is connected to Imaging Edge Mobile or Creators' App.
    • Power is being supplied via the USB terminal.
    • The Smile Shutter function is active.
    • The camera is in standby mode for HFR (High Frame Rate) shooting.
    • A basic white color is being captured in Custom Setup mode for white balance.
    • There is an active Eye-Fi connection.
    • While connected to a computer or TV
    • During USB Streaming


    • If the FINDER/MONITOR function is set to Auto, make sure that nothing will be blocking the sensor on the viewfinder. If the sensor on the viewfinder catches anything within its proximity, the camera will react and may not turn off. 
       When there is an object near the viewfinder of a model with an eye sensor, the eye sensor may become activated, preventing the power from turning off.
    • When the Ctrl w/ Smartphone is set to On, even if the Power Save Start Time is set to a setting shorter than 1 minute, the start time will be extended to 1 minute in order for the camera to ensure that there is enough time to connect to a mobile device.
    • Some functions may not be available depending on the model unit.