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Cyber-shot Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 Compatibility Information

    Regarding the operating environment:

    • The Operating System must be factory installed on your PC.
    • Operation cannot be guaranteed if an upgrade from the previous OS has been performed.
    • Operation is not guaranteed for all PC model.


    O : Compatible
    X : Not Compatible
    –  : To be verified soon

    Model Windows 8 Windows 8.1
    (USB connection)
    Notes Compatibility
    (USB connection)
    DSC-F717 O    
    DSC-F77 O    
    DSC-F77A O    
    DSC-F828 O    
    DSC-F88 O    
    DSC-FX77 O    
    DSC-G1 O   O  
    DSC-G3 O   O  
    DSC-H1 O    
    DSC-H10 O   O  
    DSC-H100 O   O  
    DSC-H2 O   O *5
    DSC-H20 O   O  
    DSC-H200 O   O  
    DSC-H3 O   O  
    DSC-H300 O   O  
    DSC-H5 O   O *5
    DSC-H50 O   O  
    DSC-H55 O   O  
    DSC-H7 O   O  
    DSC-H70 O   O  
    DSC-H9 O   O  
    DSC-H90 O *1 O *1
    DSC-HX1 O   O  
    DSC-HX10 O   O *4
    DSC-HX10V O   O *4
    DSC-HX100V O   O  
    DSC-HX20V O   O *4
    DSC-HX200 O *1 O *1
    DSC-HX200V O *1 O *1
    DSC-HX30V O   O *4
    DSC-HX300 O   O *4
    DSC-HX5V O   O  
    DSC-HX50V O   O *4
    DSC-HX7V O   O *4
    DSC-HX9V O   O *4
    DSC-J10 O   O  
    DSC-L1 O    
    DSC-M1 O    
    DSC-M2 O    
    DSC-N1 O    
    DSC-N2 O   O *5
    DSC-P10 O    
    DSC-P100 O    
    DSC-P150 O    
    DSC-P2 O    
    DSC-P200 O    
    DSC-P31 O    
    DSC-P32 O    
    DSC-P41 O    
    DSC-P43 O    
    DSC-P51 O    
    DSC-P52 O    
    DSC-P7 O    
    DSC-P71 O    
    DSC-P72 O    
    DSC-P73 O    
    DSC-P8 O    
    DSC-P9 O    
    DSC-P92 O    
    DSC-P93 O    
    DSC-P93A O    
    DSC-QX10 O   O *4
    DSC-QX100 O   O *4
    DSC-R1 O    
    DSC-RX1 O *1 O *1 *4
    DSC-RX10 O   O  
    DSC-RX100 O *1 O *1 *4
    DSC-RX100M2 O   O *4
    DSC-RX1R O   O *4
    DSC-S1900 O *1 O *1
    DSC-S2000 O *1 O *1
    DSC-S2100 O *1 O *1
    DSC-S3000 O   O  
    DSC-S40 O    
    DSC-S500 O *3 O *3
    DSC-S5000 O *1 O *1
    DSC-S60 O    
    DSC-S600 O    
    DSC-S650 O   O  
    DSC-S700 O   O  
    DSC-S730 O   O  
    DSC-S750 O   O  
    DSC-S780 O   O  
    DSC-S80 O    
    DSC-S800 O   O  
    DSC-S90 O    
    DSC-S930 O   O  
    DSC-S950 O   O  
    DSC-S980 O   O  
    DSC-ST80 O    
    DSC-T1 O    
    DSC-T10 O   O *5
    DSC-T100 O   O  
    DSC-T11 O    
    DSC-T110 O   O  
    DSC-T110D O   O  
    DSC-T2 O   O  
    DSC-T20 O   O  
    DSC-T200 O *2 O  
    DSC-T20HDPR O   O  
    DSC-T25 O   O  
    DSC-T3 O    
    DSC-T30 O   O *5
    DSC-T300 O   O  
    DSC-T33 O    
    DSC-T5 O    
    DSC-T50 O   O *5
    DSC-T500 O   O  
    DSC-T7 O    
    DSC-T70 O *2 O  
    DSC-T700 O   O  
    DSC-T70HDPR O *2 O  
    DSC-T75 O *2 O  
    DSC-T77 O   O  
    DSC-T9 O    
    DSC-T90 O   O  
    DSC-T900 O   O  
    DSC-T99 O   O  
    DSC-T99D O   O  
    DSC-TF1 O   O  
    DSC-TX1 O   O  
    DSC-TX10 O   O *4
    DSC-TX100V O   O *4
    DSC-TX20 O   O *4
    DSC-TX200 O   O *4
    DSC-TX200V O   O *4
    DSC-TX30 O   O *4
    DSC-TX5 O   O  
    DSC-TX55 O   O *4
    DSC-TX66 O   O *4
    DSC-TX7 O   O  
    DSC-TX9 O   O  
    DSC-U10 O    
    DSC-U20 O    
    DSC-U30 O    
    DSC-U40 O    
    DSC-U50 O    
    DSC-U60 O    
    DSC-V1 O    
    DSC-V3 O    
    DSC-W1 O    
    DSC-W100 O   O *5
    DSC-W110 O   O  
    DSC-W120 O   O  
    DSC-W130 O   O  
    DSC-W15 O    
    DSC-W150 O   O  
    DSC-W17 O    
    DSC-W170 O   O  
    DSC-W180 O   O  
    DSC-W190 O   O  
    DSC-W200 O   O  
    DSC-W210 O   O  
    DSC-W220 O   O  
    DSC-W230 O   O  
    DSC-W270 O   O  
    DSC-W275 O   O  
    DSC-W290 O   O  
    DSC-W30 O    
    DSC-W300 O   O  
    DSC-W310 O *1 O *1
    DSC-W320 O   O  
    DSC-W330 O   O  
    DSC-W35 O   O *5
    DSC-W350 O   O  
    DSC-W350D O   O  
    DSC-W360 O   O  
    DSC-W370 O   O  
    DSC-W380 O   O  
    DSC-W390 O   O  
    DSC-W40 O    
    DSC-W5 O    
    DSC-W50 O    
    DSC-W510 O   O  
    DSC-W515PS O   O  
    DSC-W520 O *1 O *1
    DSC-W530 O   O  
    DSC-W55 O   O *5
    DSC-W550 O   O  
    DSC-W570 O   O  
    DSC-W570D O   O  
    DSC-W580 O   O  
    DSC-W610 O   O  
    DSC-W620 O *1 O *1
    DSC-W630 O *1 O *1
    DSC-W650 O *1 O *1
    DSC-W670 O   O  
    DSC-W690 O *1 O *1
    DSC-W7 O    
    DSC-W70 O   O *5
    DSC-W710 O   O  
    DSC-W730 O   O *4
    DSC-W80 O   O  
    DSC-W80HDPR O   O  
    DSC-W85 O   O  
    DSC-W90 O   O  
    DSC-WX1 O   O  
    DSC-WX10 O   O *4
    DSC-WX100 O   O *4
    DSC-WX150 O   O *4
    DSC-WX170 O   O *4
    DSC-WX200 O   O *4
    DSC-WX30 O   O *4
    DSC-WX300 O   O *4
    DSC-WX5 O   O  
    DSC-WX50 O   O *4
    DSC-WX60 O   O *4
    DSC-WX7 O   O *4
    DSC-WX70 O   O *4
    DSC-WX80 O   O *4
    DSC-WX9 O   O *4

    *1: Images may not be imported properly if the PC is powered on after the USB connection is made. In this case, unplug the USB cable and then reconnect it.
    *2 : Importing movies in PictBridge mode is not supported. Please use Mass Storage mode to import movies.
    *3 : Importing movies in PTP mode is not supported. Please use Mass Storage mode to import movies.
    *4 : USB charging with a computer may not be available. Update the driver from Windows Update.
    *5 : May not be recognized by the computer after the USB connection. Change the USB connection setting to the PTP mode.

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