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Some of the movies are divided after importing movies to the computer.

    Depending on the movie recording system (AVCHD, XAVC S, MP4) or memory card file system (exFAT, FAT32), the movie that was recorded for a long time is divided into multiple files at the time of shooting, and is also taken into a personal computer as multiple files. As a measure, the maximum size of a single file is 2GB or 4GB. Divided files can be combined into a single file in the software PlayMemories Home.

    Also, when downloaded to a computer in PlayMemories Home, it can be taken in as a single file from the beginning. (Except MP4 movies of some models.)

    PlayMemories Home can be downloaded from the following site.


    • Use the latest PlayMemories Home.
    • MP4 movies of some models are treated as a separate file in the camera and will not be combined even if they are taken in PlayMemories Home. If you want to combine movies, you can do so by using the editing capabilities of PlayMemories Home.
    • The files will be combined automatically only with computers with file system in NTFS or exFAT. They are not combined if the file system is FAT32. To avoid this symptom, change the type of file system to "NTFS" or others.
      WARNING: When changing the file system, there might be a risk of losing the existing data. You need to back up necessary data before changing the file system.
    • Refer to the following for checking the file system type of your hard disk or external HDD.
    1. Click Computer or My Computer (depends on the Window's version) and right-click the displayed hard disk (or external HDD), then click Property.
    2. Check File system in the open window.
    • The audio may be interrupted if you use software other than PlayMemories Home for importing. Even if you use other software for editing, always use the mentioned software for importing movie files to the computer.
    • When you import movie files by PlayMemories Home, import them via USB. If you import via Wi-Fi, files are devided.